smart Thinking

Because smart is more than a name.

To us, smart is an approach. It’s a way of thinking.

You can even call it a way of life. From our factories to our products, to our employees and our customers, smart thinking is a principle we share.

How your smart is made.

Every smart is built at the smartville factory in Hambach, France, where 1600 dedicated employees work together to supply and assemble the parts.

With a unique, “plus-shaped” design, smartville allows us to deliver parts to their assembly lines at exactly the right time and in the proper sequence.

All of this helps us save on warehouse costs (savings that are passed on to you).

Being productive, while being responsible.

So when we built smartville, we wanted a factory that bucked the automotive trends of pollution and wastefulness.

Upon its creation, we installed a number of environmental protection measures, including an in-house wastewater treatment plant to provide the factory with all of its own heat and much of its power.

We also switched to a wet-on-wet painting process (as opposed to a powder-coating one), greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

All of this has led to an award-winning factory, known not just for producing a revolutionary car, but for doing it in a way that we can be proud of.

For a life uncomplicated.

When smart first started, it was with the idea that square pegs and round holes were never meant to be. Yet everywhere we turned, car companies were trying to make that happen. So we set out to create a car that fit our users’ lives. That was easy to park, easy to maneuver, reliable and efficient. A car that made urban mobility effortless and fun.

Maybe you’re frustrated at the pump. Maybe you’re sick of playing the city parking game. We were too, which is why we believe in a new type of city car driving. It’s why we constantly challenge the status quo. Because not all city transportation has to be a hassle.

And because sometimes, less is more.

smart was built on that very ethos. From concept to construction, it’s designed to liberate you. To fit your non-stop life. To help you navigate this world, and to do it on your terms. Your life is constantly moving, and so are we.

Ready to take the next step?

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