Introducing the 2018 smart fortwo Electric Drive.

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Engineered by Mercedes-Benz.
Fueled by nothing but technology.

It's sporty. It's progressive. It's mobility in its purest form, reducing every type of waste, indulging all the senses, and accelerating towards the future.


Shockingly smooth. Whisper quiet. With a charge time cut in half.

The smart Electric Drive puts emphasis on the drive, with an improved turning radius, acceleration, and top speed, plus a Lithium-ion battery with an 8-year warranty for shorter charge times and greater range.

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Reinforced with high-strength steel.

When reviewed by the IIHS, the smart fortwo earned the group's highest safety rating[1], thanks to the patented Tridion Safety Cell and high-tech front and side airbags.

The Electric Drive takes it one step further, positioning the battery in the vehicle's underbody — the best possible place in case of a collision.

“If there's one car that's ideal for electrification, it's the smart fortwo“
Car & Driver[2]

Designed to be different.

Inside, the smart Media-System quickly displays the vehicle's charge level and energy flow, while visually, the look of your smart is up to you, with over 1,500 combinations of wheels, fabrics, and colors, including the all-new electric green.

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