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Every smart is crammed with engineering designed by the forward-thinking safety pioneers at Mercedes-Benz to meet the strongest industry standards and beyond. Meet the awesome features that come standard with every smart below.

The 2015 pure coupe starting at $13,270 MSRP.[1]

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the smart safety concept.

smart car roll cage tridion safety cell design
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patented tridion safety cell:

Inspired by racecar roll cages, the reinforced high-strength steel tridion safety cell is engineered to be a barrier between you and pretty much anything else you might encounter. It evenly distributes crash energy so you’ll have peace of mind.

  • smart car crash management system

    crash management system:

    Seat belt tensioners, belt force limiters and a collapsible steering column make for a completely protective car that’s thought of everything. Speaking of thinking. In the event of a crash, smart makes decisions quickly by automatically shutting off the engine, turning on the hazards lights and unlocking the doors.

  • smart car electronic stability program esp


    smart’s Electronic Stability Program means you stay steady, even if the road isn’t so friendly. If you’re ever in danger of swerving, the ESP recognizes the danger before you do and reacts automatically. It throttles the engine and brakes the wheels to keep you in control, especially in the most shaky conditions.

  • smart car airbags

    full-size airbags:

    Mercedes-Benz earned a patent for its airbag design in 1971. Building on 40 years of airbag innovation, they equipped smart with 8 full-size airbags (6 in the cabriolet). Top-to-bottom. Side-to-side. Up-and-down. Everyone inside a smart enjoys all-around safety.

  • smart car anti-lock braking system abs


    Things can pop up out of nowhere especially while you’re driving. So, smart’s Anti-Lock Braking System prevents the wheels from locking during braking. This allows you to steer safely and stay in control.

safe is as smart does.

Sometimes, accidents happen. Listen as our owners explain how their smart keeps them super safe.

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omg! she’s preggo!

Driving home from her baby shower, Li was hit by a car going 50 mph. But, thanks to her trusty smart, she (and her unborn baby boy) walked away unharmed.

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the best from our besties..

smart is forward-thinking. Dare we say revolutionary? Our owners are no different. Take a look at some of our favorite stories from our most devoted enthusiasts.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    one size fits all

    We’d been a one-car family for 10 years, and I was getting tired of not having my own wheels. Then I saw my first smart.

    We were at a restaurant, just about to head inside, when I noticed a curiously compact car in the parking lot. I had to get a closer look. The owners, a married couple, were 6’4” and 5’1” tall — important, because my husband and I are 6’3” and 4’11” respectively.

    A week later, I found another smart parked outside a grocery store. The owner invited me to take a seat, and I was surprised to find the interior so roomy! That’s what clinched it for me. We needed that room.

    Besides the space, there is a lot to love about my 2015 smart fortwo. There’s the sunroof, the gas mileage, the way it answers my phone for me via Bluetooth — and I love that, no matter how my day has been, I can always count on my smart to make me smile.

    As an antique collector, I’m always stopping to see what I can find. There’s plenty of room in my smart for all sorts of things. Once, I decided to pack the trunk with some of my husband’s TV production equipment: three tripods, two camera bags, a light kit, an audio case and more. Everything fit! He was shocked.

    smart is definitely a one-size-fits-all car. I would recommend it to anyone of any height, weight, shape or size, because everyone deserves to drive a safe, comfortable and extremely economical car.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    the only car for me

    I’ve always been a fan of small cars, mostly two-seaters. So it was only a matter of time before I got a smart.

    I’d see them on the road now and then and they’d turn my head. When a car turns my head enough times, I’ll eventually check it out.

    I had the chance to sit in a smart for the first time at a local football game in my hometown. That’s when I knew my next car would be a smart. Sure enough, I bought my pre-owned 2011 passion coupe four months ago. I like that it’s sporty and luxurious — without the luxurious price tag. It’s a very reasonable car to buy and maintain.

    My favorite smart features are the smartShift® transmission, the power steering and the location of the ignition key.

    What surprised me most about the car was how much room there was inside. People seemed surprised when I took my smart on the highway to get to Cincinnati, but I knew it could keep up. My smart can go as fast as any other car. It also handles well in the snow. Since it’s my only car, I use it for long distance trips as well as my commute.

    On a daily basis, curious passersby will ask me about my smart. Some of them even ask for a quick ride to see what it’s like. If I’m not too busy, I’ll show them.

    I would recommend a smart to anyone who wants something unique and cool that’s also sleek, sporty, affordable, roomy and great on gas. As long as I’ve got my smart, I wouldn’t want any other car.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    man’s real best friend

    All I’ve ever wanted was a yellow car. Yellow, with a leather interior and a moon roof.

    The timing couldn’t have been better when I drove past that dealership last September.

    I’d just been promoted. My partner had a new job. And sure enough, the dealership had a yellow smart passion cabriolet out front.

    I took it for a test drive. About halfway through, the salesman showed me I could switch to manual transmission. That was all I needed to hear. “I am driving this car home,” I said.

    What I love about my smart is how utilitarian it is. I don’t need a backseat. I just need enough room for me, my partner, our two dogs and my school books.

    My smart also gets a lot of use. Here in Buffalo, where winter weather can be unpredictable, I don’t hesitate to put my smart into any driving situation. That’s because she got us through the blizzard of the century.

    I work at a group home in western New York about 25 miles away. After three days of blocked roads, the shared kitchen was out of everything. Our agency vehicle was snowed in, so I took my smart to the small town nearby to get groceries for the seven patients and three staff. The shop was out of everything, so I drove back to Buffalo, passing trucks and SUVs on the side of the road all along the way. I got to the grocery store in Buffalo and filled up the smart with a week’s worth of groceries, then headed back to work. I didn’t get stuck once.

    People cannot believe I drive in this weather — especially not 50 miles a day, and especially not in a smart car. I love to see their reactions when it’s snowing an inch or more every hour and I’m out with my smart. They tend to react with disbelief when I talk about my winter adventures. But after seeing how my smart handled that storm, I know I have no reason to worry. I tell them: I love my dogs like children, but smart is man’s best friend.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    not too tall to ride

    People tend to be surprised when they learn I own a smart because I’m 6’6” and weigh 300 pounds, but I love our new smart electric drive. Since I’m a big guy, they can’t imagine me fitting in a smart car — much less comfortably driving it. But I do, and often. I drive it to work and around town on errands. And when I’m behind the wheel, it doesn’t feel like a small car. Our smart electric drive is agile, it scoots, and it can really maneuver around a tight parking lot.

    I think the surprise comes from a misconception about the car’s size. It’s small on the outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s small on the inside. The compact size that makes our smart great for getting around the city hides a spacious interior you wouldn’t think was there.

    Since I work in Charlotte, I wanted a city car that would suit my transportation needs. My research led me straight to the smart electric drive. I compared the amount of headroom, legroom and shoulder room across 12 different cars and found that the smart was competitive with even the bigger models. That knowledge freed me to go ahead and choose the most innovative car: the smart electric drive.

    To show people how much space there is inside, I invite the skeptics to sit in our smart and try it out. Everyone who did was surprised and intrigued by the great use of space. I have shared the car with tall friends who were astonished that they fit. We even let a number of our friends take it out for a spin. They discovered that, most of all, the smart is exciting to drive.

    I would absolutely recommend smart to others. While our friends are convinced that I chose our smart electric drive for its excellent ecologic credentials, I really chose it because it’s fun. The lack of funky exhaust is a good thing, too!

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    feeling young again

    I saw my first smart on a family trip to Italy. My son bought me a miniature model of the car to keep as a memento. Later, after doing some reading and learning more about the smart electric drive, I knew I had to have one.

    Bringing my smart home made me feel elated. I felt young again, filled with wonder, very peaceful. I love how the stark white is accented by the brilliant green tridion safety cell. My favorite feature is its size. It’s small, very agile, yet spacious and comfortable inside.

    My smart continually surprises me. I find neat little storage places inside that I didn’t even know were there. It parks anywhere, turns on a dime (with change to spare), and its distance capacity is always impressive. I only have to recharge a couple of times per week. Overall, a very enjoyable experience.

    Finally, people love the smart. They can’t believe it’s so comfortable given its size, and they love the way it maneuvers. My most memorable trip was driving in the Montclair, NJ Fourth of July Parade. All along the way, we were constantly besieged by people taking pictures and asking questions about this great car.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    just the two of us

    We got married in Utica, New York last October. Our wedding photographer asked us if we had any special requests. We both thought the same thing: a shot with the smart.

    When my wife and I are in the smart together, its best feature is that it’s just us. No baggage, no excess. Just the two of us in a car that feels like it was made for us. Heated seats have become one of her favorite features. Going out for a ride just because it’s a nice day has always been one of our favorite things to do, and with smart’s gas mileage, it’s that much sweeter!

    I’m most surprised by how much I love the way the car handles. It doesn’t feel like a small car. The paddles make it feel like a sports car, and the transmission that shifts for you is genius when you want to just sit back and cruise around. And I always find ways to make things fit. We even took it on a four-day camping trip. Everything fit like a glove.

    In a time when inexpensive usually means compromise, smart is truly a game changer. No car makes you feel like smart does. It’s so much fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Once I took it for a test drive, I knew I was hooked.

    Photo by Adam Brockway Photography

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    five is company, too

    I first learned about smarts five years ago, back when we owned a Mercedes-Benz. That was when I found out that smart is engineered with Mercedes-Benz — but what really made me want to get one was the chance to stand out from the crowd.

    So far, it’s worked. I get so many compliments on it. My other car is a yellow Boxster, but the smart gets more looks by far.

    It probably helps that our three shelties often travel with us. Their names are Bomber, Dynomite and Grenade. They love going to the dog park and the beach. When the five of us are traveling, they ride together in the back. But when it’s just me and the dogs, I’ll let one of them ride in front with me. People think they’re so cute, especially when they’re peeking out the back window!

    I use my smart to commute to work, too. I love that I can park it anywhere and don’t have to worry about people door-dinging me. (They normally can’t reach me.) It’s easy to maneuver just about anywhere. And since I brought it home, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I only had to fill up the tank once a month. It cost a lot less than it would have to fill up a bigger car. But most importantly, it’s so much fun to drive — especially with the right travel companions.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    smart rocks the rockies

    I’ve been following environmental issues for a long time. Before going all-electric, I had owned a hybrid — but on March 30, 2014, I bought the first smart electric drive ever sold in Colorado. I chose it because of its design, its small size (it’s wasteful, hauling around the extra weight of a large vehicle), its low price and high-quality engineering.

    My favorite thing about my smart is that it doesn’t use gas or oil. It’s also incredibly fun to drive, especially on our winding mountain roads. I made it from my home (altitude 7,200 feet) just west of Golden, CO to the top of Loveland Pass in the Rocky Mountains with 20% battery to spare. After driving down the other side, I recharged at the public charging station at Breckenridge Town Hall (thanks, city government!), had a meal and prepared to head home. By the end of the day, I’d set a new personal record: 140 miles in a day (not to mention a new altitude record).

    The trip took about 25kWh of energy and cost about $3.08. It would have come to about $15 for a car that averages 35 mph, with gas at $3.75 per gallon. The maximum sustainable power of the electric motor is 35 kW or 47 hp. That’s enough for 70 mph up the mountains. If you floor it, it kicks up to 55 kW (74 hp) for a maximum of two minutes. That will get you to top speed: 78 mph.

    Since becoming a smart owner, I’ve learned just how powerful the electric vehicle is. An oxygen-breathing engine would have bogged down at high altitudes. For my smart electric drive, altitude isn’t a problem — and its instant torque makes it easy and fun to speed up after slowing down for sharp curves. At 11,990 feet above sea level, scaling Loveland Pass in a smart is one thing. But I’ve also gone up 14,265-foot Mount Evans in my smart. I’m looking forward to many adventures to come.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    room for more

    We bought our first smart the day after Christmas, right off the showroom floor. My favorite thing about it is just how safe it is. It makes me feel good to know how well my car is built. Cruise control was a must-have for me. I was also pleasantly surprised by how spacious it was — there are so many little compartments!

    By far the most surprising thing I’ve been able to fit in my smart was a Christmas tree. Shortly after I bought my new smart, I took a trip to buy ornaments on sale right after Christmas. When I got to the store, I saw a beautiful white Christmas tree that was 80% off! I went ahead and bought it. The tree came in a huge box and I was afraid I’d have to call my husband to come for it with the truck — but instead, a nice young man helped me load it into the car. All we had to do was fold down the passenger seat and it fit perfectly. I was amazed by what I could fit in my little car!

    My pitbull, Buffy, loves going for a ride in our smart. I just open the back gate and she jumps right in. She likes to sit back there and look out between the two seats, happy to lounge in her favorite spot wherever we go.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    to the Arctic Circle and beyond!

    To say my wife and I enjoy road trips is a bit of an understatement. We love the open road and long drives. Maybe it’s because we live out in Hawai’i and the idea of a long drive there is anything over an hour. So when we visit the mainland, we take advantage and watch as the numbers on the odometer get bigger and bigger. None of which would be of much consequence, except for the fact that we do it all in our 2010 smart passion that we call “TwoRed.” TwoRed is our mainland smart, but of course we also have an island smart named “Two4Two.”

    Our journey started back in Europe many years ago when we first saw smart cars. We loved them and thought they really supported our belief of minimal resource use. My mother lives on the mainland, and visiting required renting a car each time. Then we realized smarts are so affordable, it would make more sense to own one than rent a different car every trip. So we got TwoRed and wasted no time outfitting her to our exact specifications. We knew we were going to have a lot of long drives ahead of us, so we added cruise control and a few other electronic improvements to ensure good times on the road. Then of course there were the cosmetic upgrades we made, such as eyebrows, an air scoop, and a chrome antenna, because everyone loves a little bling here and there.

    Now on to the Arctic Circle. There were a lot of challenges that we foresaw going into this trip, so we did our due diligence in preparing for it. We had to plan for bad road conditions and difficult weather. In the end, getting there was a cinch! No storms and the smart handled the often unkempt roads with ease. Getting back, well, that’s another story. We were followed down by storms that made the journey a bit of a harrowing experience. Though we’re happy to report that TwoRed held her own and got us through it all without much difficulty. The journey was amazing. The sights we saw, the breathtaking beauty of untouched landscapes, and our trusty smart made it an adventure we won’t soon forget.

    While my original motivations and expectations when buying TwoRed were that it would be a practical car, I think that deep down inside I really wanted a car that would be fun. TwoRed more than delivered on that front. There is also something really satisfying about driving a car that doesn’t leave a big carbon footprint in its manufacture and operation. Now all that’s left is to plan our next road trip. Any suggestions?

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    smartphone or smart electric drive?

    Since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in sustainability and doing what’s best for the environment. So the fact that I now drive a zero-emissions smart electric drive makes total sense.

    As I said, I have a big interest in saving the environment. I think that if we all do our part, we can really make a big difference, and I like to practice what I preach. I had been looking into several electric cars over the years waiting for one to come out that really checked all the boxes, one of the biggest requirements being affordability. While car companies have been increasingly introducing EVs, they seem to always have hefty price tags to go with all their advanced technology. That all changed just before Christmas 2013 when my husband and I were looking into new smartphones.

    We wanted to upgrade our phones and had a bit of a shock when we discovered the cost. $140/mo. just for our phones! Then suddenly we both had a big realization. The smart electric drive had a lease offer for only $139/mo. with Battery Assurance PlusSM. So for the price of our smartphones, we could be driving around town in a fully electric smart car. My husband looked at me and said, “Let me think about it.” Then on Christmas day, as we’re unwrapping gifts, he says, “We are going to go and get you a smart car. That’s my gift to you.” My jaw hit the floor and I burst into tears of joy. Every time I tell this story I get overwhelmed with emotion. It really was the best gift ever. He understood how important this was to me.

    A few days later, we were driving off the lot in our brand new green and white smart electric drive. It was amazing to start the car and not hear anything, since the car doesn’t have an engine but rather a powerful battery. And Grants Pass is perfect for the smart EV. With its hills, I get plenty of extra charge from the regenerative breaking system. I don’t even experience range anxiety, and often use public charging stations for some extra charge during the day as I’m out about town, or in other towns. I love my smart electric drive more than I thought was possible. It’s truly a dream come true for me.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    safety by Mercedes-Benz

    I’ve often heard of clubs that people join after they walk away from a bad car accident. If there’s one for smart car owners, I’d like to join and say thanks to Mercedes-Benz for engineering such a safe car.

    Before I get into how the smart saved the lives of my friend and I, let me tell you why we bought one. My husband and I were vacationing in Mexico, and an employee at the resort we were staying at had one. We thought it was fantastic! It was so small and maneuverable. Then in 2010 we got serious about looking into owning one and discovered all its advanced safety features. From 8 standard airbags, to its solid tridion safety cell all backed up by the Mercedes-Benz name, which is at the heart of every smart. And the car does great in the snow! We often take it out during the snowy Wisconsin winters instead of our SUV because it handles so well.

    Now back to the car’s safety. I can’t express how thankful I am for all those features, because they saved our lives recently when my friend and I were rear ended on a highway by a large truck, ironically carrying damaged cars. We were hit so hard that the truck’s license plate became imbedded in the rear of our car. But after the accident, we were both fine. A little surprised obviously, but physically there was nothing wrong. The car’s many safety features had all worked perfectly to keep us safe.

    Though we needed to have some bodywork done, the shop manager at the garage said he had fun fixing our smart. He said it was more like “Legos” than traditional bodywork, since the car was designed to be easily fixable by simply replacing pieces. So we were able to get our fun little smart back on the road in no time. People are always surprised that we walked away without injury, but we’re not. Thanks for making such a wonderfully safe car!

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    smart and the city

    I’ll admit it; I’m one of those girls that dated a guy for his car. At least that’s what I would tell my husband jokingly when we first started dating. It was the summer of 2009, and he would pick me up for a date in his blue and black smart. In NYC, being picked up and dropped off from a date in a car is practically unheard of. I’m not kidding when I tell you that his smart played a role in our relationship.

    Fast-forward a few years and it’s the day of our wedding. It was, as most any bride will tell you, one of the most joyful days of my life. And it was made all that more special because my husband and I decided that we wanted to drive ourselves away from the ceremony in our smart. It was cute, fun, and our family and friends loved it.

    Though the best part of owning a smart is still day-to-day life: parking is always a cinch, we never feel like we’re overpaying at the pump, and waving at fellow smartsters on the road. We love answering questions about our smart, and have even convinced a few people to consider one for themselves. It’s all part of what makes owning a smart so fun.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    big dog on campus

    It’s not uncommon to see dogs in cars. But what you don’t see everyday is a fully-grown, giant St. Bernard riding comfortably in a smart fortwo. Well, unless you’re me. My dog Zuke and I love cruising around in my black smart cabrio. We even enjoy peoples’ reactions as we both step out; I’m over six feet tall, and Zuke isn’t much smaller.

    But I didn’t buy my smart to be a spectacle. I bought it for its great fuel economy, and how convenient it is for my job. I flip homes for a living and as you can imagine, that requires a lot of running around. I need to be able to zip from house to house, to the hardware store, lumber yard, etc. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “You go to the lumber yard with your smart. What do you buy, a pack of nails?” I won’t sit here and tell you I can haul as much in my smart as I can in a pickup truck, but I always manage to fit what I need whenever I go.

    And if you’ll excuse the cliché, there’s the fun factor. It really is a joy to drive around in my smart. I can’t describe the feeling but it’s different from driving other cars, in a good way. Heck, I drove 200 miles just to buy my smart! If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    the long sale

    smarts first piqued my interest in the late 90s before they were even for sale in the US. Jump ahead 15 years and I’m car hunting online when I stumble on a smart not too far away. I jumped at the chance and went with my fiancé to look at it. We ended up driving it home that very same night! I know it seems like an impulse buy, but I think of it as something many years in the making.

    Our smart has been with us for two years now and we still love driving it. We also have a fifth wheel, 42 ft. trailer. For those that don’t know, that’s basically a mobile home with its own garage that’s the perfect size for our smart. So when we go on trips, we tow our trailer with our smart stowed safely inside. It’s always fun to see how people react when we back our smart out of the garage. They giggle and laugh sometimes, but always end up saying that it’s really the perfect fit. With our smart, we’re not just limited to the trailer stops and campgrounds. We can go wherever we want with ease on our long trips.

    Now even my friends and family ask to borrow my smart. They used to say it was too small to be a useful car, but once they tried it they became instant smart converts. It has been a joy for me since the day that I bought it. And I still get a kick out of those rare moments when I can catch myself driving it in a reflection.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    get off my lawn!

    I bought my smart for two reasons: I love grabbing people’s attention as I drive down the road, and I hate being late for class because I’m looking for parking.

    These days, I have a third reason. I was on my way home, driving on a six-lane road, when suddenly I was hit by an SUV that was roughly double the size of my smart. The driver wasn’t paying attention when he exited a parking lot, and jutted across all six lanes, hitting the side of my car at 35mph. My smart was pushed across two lanes, over a curb, and onto someone's lawn. It was like a scene out of a crash test video, except I’m not a crash test dummy!

    When the police arrived, they said, “Given the nature of the accident, your car held up well!” The owner of the property had a different opinion. “Guess your smart car isn't that smart,” she said. But as I stood there unharmed, I humbly replied, “Well, ma'am, it made the difference between me being able to talk to you right now rather than leaving here in an ambulance I guess that's pretty smart.”

    I know there are still people who think smarts aren’t safe. To them I say, “The fact that I’m around to tell you my story is proof that they are.” Now, even my mom wants a smart! I’m sure we’ll be going smart shopping together soon.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    love at first smart

    I fell in love with smarts the moment I saw one in the movies, and I was finally able to purchase one in 2008. I’m glad to report that the fun hasn’t stopped since.

    My husband and I have been customizing my smart since the day we bought it. We’ve painted, added decals, changed decals, and painted again, garnering smiles and even impromptu photo shoots wherever we go. It’s been such a joy that my husband decided to buy another for himself. His new 2013 smart fortwo is the talk of the town, with its special “Zombie Outbreak Response Team” decals and custom designs. We love seeing people’s reactions as we drive around.

    But it’s not just about the fun, it’s about practicality too. We’re avid bargain hunters, swinging by yard sales whenever we can. People are always shocked to see us roll up in our smarts. When naysayers try and tell us that a smart isn’t practical, we regale them with tales of all the treasures we’ve managed to fit in the trunk, including a 42” TV, a 4.5-foot remote-controlled speed boat, a full-size BBQ, and even a folding motorcycle!

    Becoming a smart owner was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The car fits my life perfectly, and brings happiness to everyone else on the road. Most importantly, it makes me happy. And that’s an option that doesn’t come standard on any other car.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    first off the line

    My name is Mindy. I’m a PhD student, US Army Officer, wife, and mother to a 10-year-old boy. I’m also the first person in the America to lease the original smart electric drive. It’s been over two years and nearly 22,000 miles of unguzzled driving since then, and I must say it still makes me smile whenever I get in my smart electric drive.

    It all started when I was returning to the US after doing a tour for the army in Baghdad. I knew I was going to buy a car once I got back, but didn’t know exactly what I wanted. During the flight, we flew over the Persian Gulf, and I saw oil platforms as far as the eye could see. The choice became very clear; electric car or nothing. From there, everything seemed to fall into place. Not too much later, I had the chance to test the first smart electric drive at a meeting of my local Electric Auto Association. I was instantly hooked. I had to have one.

    Since the day it rolled into my driveway on January 26, 2011, I’ve had many wonderful adventures in my smart. I’ve driven in the Phoenix Electric Light Parade, a nighttime parade wherein we cover our cars with lights powered by the cars themselves. I’ve also participated in the Phoenix 100-Mile Challenge, twice. It’s a road “race” for electric cars that’s not so much about speed, but about efficiency. I came in second place last year, and this year I came in first place! I won the grand prize!

    My smart electric drive has changed my perspective on many things. I used to hate driving and simply tolerated it because it was necessary. Now, I love driving. I always preferred a manual transmission car, and my smart electric drive gives me that control sensation without any gears. It’s just “go” and “go faster.” But most of all, I’m proud of the example I’m setting for my son; it’s possible to be environmentally friendly without losing out on fun. This is my first smart electric drive, and I’m confident it won’t be my last.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    ¡viva smart!

    When my parents bought their smart fortwo cabrio in 2011, they didn’t think of it as their go-to road trip car. But as they say, “You should never judge a book by its cover.” Or in this case, a car by its size.

    Not too long ago, they decided to move from Mexico City to San Diego, CA to be closer to me. I was excited, but knew it was going to be a big move. So I volunteered to help them drive their cars the 2,000 miles across Mexico and the USA. My parents saddled up in their Mercedes GLK, and I hopped behind the wheel of their smart.

    Honestly, it was a rather uneventful 3 days on the road. But on such a long trip, that’s the kind of news you want to hear. The smart handled the rigors of the Mexican roads with ease. It stood strong against the winds of the Texan highways, and the heat of the Arizona desert. Every time we stopped, I would decline my dad’s offer to switch cars, and instead opt to stay with the smart. The best part of all was the car’s surround sound system. I had the radio turned up and was singing along the whole way. By the time I reached California, my voice was totally hoarse. But it was so much fun that I didn’t mind.

    It was even fun when other drivers would stop and marvel at the Mexican license plates on a smart in the US. The experience made me a total smart lover, and want one for myself. I’m actually looking into the smart electric drive. It comes out this year, and I think it would be the perfect fit for me – especially the way gas prices in California are going! Either way, I know I see a smart in my future. All that’s left is to figure out what I want it to look like.

  • smart car owners - smart stories

    Couch Potato

    I was cruising along a two-lane highway in my 2011 smart passion coupe. The pick-up truck in front of me was hauling a large couch in its trailer, so naturally, I kept a safe distance. Suddenly, the truck hit a bump and the couch flew out of the back.

    I had three options: swerve into oncoming traffic, plow into the snow bank to my right, or hit the brakes and face the couch.

    The couch it was. The impact was immense, and it sent my car towards a ditch. But I was able to stop safely on the side of the road. I looked myself over and was relieved to see I was unharmed. And to my surprise, my smart was hardly damaged. In the days that followed, I learned why.

    The smart's shorter front-end helped push the couch away from my car, rather than up in the air, which would have aimed it towards my windshield and caused more serious damage. I've told many people this story, and they're always surprised at how my little smart stood up to such a big impact. But I've always felt safe in my smart, and I'm so thankful I was driving it that day.

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    The Trade-Up

    It was a beautiful summer evening outside Chicago, and I was on my way home from work. Traffic was moving quickly as I approached the Naper Boulevard interchange, like I had done time and time before. But this time was different. I remember a black shadow moving across my rear window – not an unusual occurrence with the road's multiple lanes. Then, things went a little foggy.

    I don't recall the initial impact. But I remember gripping tight on the steering wheel and coming to a stop next to the highway's sound wall.

    A few kind strangers waited for the ambulance with me, but I was quickly discharged from the hospital with minor cuts and bruises. It was clear that the other driver, who was merging carelessly, had sideswiped my passenger side. He never looked over to check the lane he was entering. And the smart's safety features, including its multiple airbags, helped protect me from any serious harm.

    My insurance covered a trade-up to a replacement car. And after how it performed in my accident, there was no doubt I was getting another smart. I even upgraded to a cabriolet!

    Since the accident, I've had several people ask me, “How could you drive something so unsafe?” My response is always, without hesitation, “This is my second smart. And I truly feel the first one saved my life.”

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