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Service & Care

Love your smart and it will love you back. Use the resources here to keep it in mint condition.


Not near your smart? Drive one anyway.

As a proud smart owner, you get a free car2go membership. That means you have complimentary access to a set of wheels in over 10 cities in the US and Canada.

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The Cross Connect App

The Cross Connect app is a free app that provides smart drivers with an assortment of fun and helpful features. Connected via Bluetooth, the app lets you easily switch between online radio and your own personal music. It offers turn-by-turn navigation (with search functionality), and city guidebooks, full of smart-sized parking spaces near you. And once you park, it saves your location.

Plus, the Cross Connect app lets your learn more about your car (and yourself). From your trip history and driving score, to detailed data like your average MPH and fuel consumption, the Cross Connect app has it all. Pair it with a nifty smartphone cradle, and you’re on your way.

Electric Drive Resources

Charging Stations

smartusa.com can help you find stations nearby, but there are also helpful apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint® that can help you juice up no matter where you are.

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Electric Vehicle Homepage

With the Electric Vehicle Homepage, you can check your batcrtery level, view your range, or preset your AC right from your smartphone. It will even calculate your range forecast to ensure that you make it to your desired destination.

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