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unleash. uncar.

  • solid roof
  • 85% recyclable
  • 38 MPG highway[3]

pure fun. pure coupe.

The pure coupe is everything you need and nothing you don't – it's smart in its purest form. You get the best of both worlds: 5-speed smartshift® transmission with automatic mode (for ease) and manual mode (for fun), hill start assist, and it's packed with lots of standard safety features such as 8 full-size airbags. It's driving fun with the perfect canvas to personalize.

your smart. your way.

It's fun. It's zippy. It's the kind of car that just makes you smile.

Choose whatever tickles your fancy…or matches your socks.

get artsy. undéjà vu.

Just like you, no two smarts are the same.

Go ahead. Get creative. Wrap it. Tailor-make it. If you can dream it, we can create it. The pure coupe is the perfect vehicle for your automotive expression. No matter how you do it, it’s sure to be a fun, stylish, eco-friendly ride. Want to know more? Contact a dealer.

safety[4] it's in our genes

Engineered by Mercedes-Benz, smart has some of the strongest
safety standards in the industry.

Smart Car Safety Features
  • safety first.

    At first glance, smart’s tridion safety cell is a design element, framing each smart in eye-catching color. But, our patented tridion safety cell is modeled after a racecar roll cage. It's a real bodyguard. And a head guard. And a thigh guard. And a forearm guard...

  • surrounded. by airbags.

    The passion coupe comes standard with 8 full-size airbags to help protect you - driver, passenger and knee bolster airbags are standard on all smarts. Did we mention
    8 full-size airbags come standard?

  • all hands on deck.

    Should you ever find your smart in danger of swerving, the esp® (electronic stability program) recognizes the danger before you do. It throttles the engine and brakes the wheels to stay in control.

  • strong. like bull.

    Steel deformation elements (or crash boxes) absorb energy from minor collisions. If you ever have a fender bender, damaged bumpers are simple and inexpensive to replace. Your wallet will thank us.

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smart car interior mini coupe

small car.
big space.

Open the door. Look inside. We’ve made use of every inch of space. Stretch your legs and get comfy because the smart is more spacious than you’d think. It’s stylish and roomy enough to fit full sized suitcases, golf clubs, ceramic dolphin collections, pirate's treasures…we could go on for days.

smart mini coupe black interior

anything but plain.

Manufactured with durable cloth available in black, the interior is both functional and sturdy. And, we keep things looking chic. The instrument panel matches the fabric seamlessly – it’s interior harmony.

smart car radio

make some noise.

The pure coupe’s optional smart radio is far from entry level. With it’s built in USB/AUX interface for an MP3 player, USB storage device and clean sound, it’s designed to get you caught singing at a traffic light.

smart drive 2

smart drive 2

Turn your smart into a superhero with this multi-tool app that includes navigation, digital radio[5], local events, even insider parking tips. Now all you need is a superhero name...

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untestdrive. uncar.

Think you're ready to uncar? The only way to find out is by taking a smart for a spin. Pop into one of our dealerships and they'll arrange a test drive and even help with leasing and financing.

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