meet the

electric drive.

No gas. No oil changes.
Just instant torque.

122 city | 93 hwy MPGe [2]


Net value after federal
tax savings

$139/mo[3]for 36 months[3] $1,433 due at signing with Battery Assurance PlusSM


the smart

electric drive is…


We have three words for you:

Battery Assurance PlusSM. It's our exclusive battery rental program. Also known as our way of making sure that you and your battery live happily ever after.


High performance. Low cost.

$12,490[1] will buy you the smart electric drive, with Battery Assurance PlusSM, and leases start as low as $139/mo[3]. That sound you're hearing right now is your wallet giving us a standing ovation.


Not big on leaving a carbon footprint?

Neither are we. With a combined range of 107 MPGe,[2] the smart electric drive puts the joy back in joyride.


your smart. your way.

It's fun. It's zippy. It's the kind of car that just makes you smile.

  • Coupe
  • Cabrio

Choose whatever tickles your fancy…or matches your socks.

picture your life with the smart electric drive

  • Range
  • Charging
  • Battery
  • Parking
  • Safety

plug in

and turn on the fun.
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to go electric, or not to go electric

That is the question…we’re ready to help you answer with our specially crafted quiz. With a few clicks, we’ll help you find out if going electric is the right move for you.

are you a match?

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how much fun can you have?

The smart electric drive lets you ditch the pump. Which means you have more money to spend on stuff that gets you pumped. Like space camp. Ukulele lessons. And…chocolate baths?

calculate your fun

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HOP IN AND FIND YOURS smart electric drive!

Great news: our fleet of smart electric drives are charged up and ready to drive off the lot. So find your nearest smart center, and take one for a test drive today.

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