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What's the MSRP of the smart electric drive?

As low as $12,490[3] with Battery Assurance PlusSM and after federal tax credits.

What’s the federal tax credit for the smart electric drive?

$7,500. Go green, earn green.

Where can I find my local incentives?

Check Alternative Fuels Data Center website – http://www.afdc.energy.gov/ – for all the info on federal, state, local laws and neat incentives for electric vehicle owners. Lots of states do cool stuff, like in California where you get unlimited access to HOV lanes, even if there’s only one person in the car. The electric drive is also exempt from certain tolls.

Can you lease an all-new smart electric drive?

You can lease the all-new smart electric drive for only $139 a month for 36 months with $2,433 due at signing[5]. And don't forget to ask your local, fantastically amazing smart dealer about our Battery Assurance PlusSM rental program. It lets you buy or lease the car, but rent the battery for an affordable price. Plus, we'll give it annual maintenance, so you don't have to worry about the battery one bit. So all we need you to do is drive.

What’s the warranty going to be like on the MY14 smart electric drive?

Hope you like the gas powered smart’s warranty, because it’s the same great offer for the electric drive: 4 year/50,000 mile warranty. The battery warranty is also included with the vehicle warranty. So if you want to think of it as two great warranties, go ahead.

What are the costs per charge and on a yearly basis?

Well friend, it’s not much. Based on average calculations our math people did, we can say it only costs about $1-$1.20 per day to charge your smart electric drive (that’s about $370-$400 a year). Incredible, right? But even better than those money savings is how much time you’ll save not standing at gas pumps all day. And since we love you, we’ve taken the time to show you just what you can do with all this extra money and time. Take a look at our sweet fun calculator and find yourself some fun!

What the heck is MPGe?

MPGe is a math/science-y thing. More specifically, it's the equivalent of miles per gallon
used for electric vehicles
. It’s how all manufacturers show vehicle efficiency. Manufacturers
use MPGe to make the vehicle's battery optimized for the size of the vehicle. That way,
you get the most efficient vehicle possible. If you compare MPGe to fuel economy, the
higher the fuel economy, the more efficient the vehicle. Not to boast, but the smart electric
drive uses charge very efficiently.

What is smart's MPGe[2]?

122 city, 93 hwy and 107 combined. This calls for a "booyah."

What's the range of the new electric drive?

The EPA test determined our range to be 76 miles city, 59 highway and 68 miles combined.
High fives all around. But remember, while this is the official test figure, the actual range
depends on driving behavior and external factors such as outside temperature, speed,
traffic, etc. Similar to any gasoline vehicle, there's the official EPA rating
and then your actual consumption based on your driving. Face it, some days you'll
just get more miles out of a full tank of gas than others. What we’re saying is,
you're great and so is the EPA. (Because we know you were wondering: The average
American drives 29 miles/day.)

Can I take smart on longer trips?

Public charging stations are popping up all over the country as we type this. Don’t believe us? Just check out the map on PlugShare! Thousands of new stations should be up-and-running before you know it, so it won’t be long before taking your smart electric drive across state lines is a real and real fun reality

Can I use it as my primary vehicle?

We just want you to be happy, so yes. An important note to keep in mind: you should only make the smart electric drive your primary vehicle if your daily round trips are within 76 miles (city). Since the average commute is only 32 miles roundtrip, that’s no problemo. If you do happen to take lots of long trips, the smart electric drive is a fantastically fun choice for a second vehicle.

Is the electric vehicle bigger or smaller than the gas model?

Since day one we've wanted to be an electric-vehicle maker, so the gasoline fortwo and the
electric drive smart have the same interior room and cargo space. The battery goes where the
fuel tank usually is, and the electric motor is right at home where the conventional piston
engine would be. We don't do compromise, so the only thing different about the electric drive
and the conventional smart is the gasoline.

Can I only get the smart electric drive in white and green?

Please, we like you enough to give you a bunch of color options. The MY14 smart electric
will be offered with the same exterior and interior color options as the gas powered model
(except for the Crystal Grey leather interior). But if green and white is what you want, the
kinetic green appearance package will be available as an option - this includes the white body panels,
green tridion and white wheels.

How much room is there in my smart electric drive?

Your smart electric drive is surprisingly spacious, and can fit 2 adults oh-so-comfortably. With 39.7 inch of headroom and up to 12 cubic feet of storage space, there’s room for you, your mom, an accordion, your great Dane and some priceless golf clubs.

Can I take the electric drive to any smart dealer for repairs

Right now, the smart electric drive can only be serviced by EV-certified smart centers in these states: CA, CA, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, OR and RI. But if you aren’t in one of those places, don’t fret. We are confident and thrilled to say that by this winter, ALL of our smart centers should be EV-certified. Isn’t good news just the best? Yep, it’s the best.

Has the smart electric drive been crash tested?

Safety is at the heart of every smart we build, and the electric drive is no different. The smart electric drive has been rigorously tested by NHTSA, and we’re proud to say our safety engineering is among the best in the world of electric vehicles. We know you believe us, but just in case, check out our awesome MY13 scores:

  • Frontal Crash Driver – 4 Stars
  • Frontal Crash Passenger – 4 Stars
  • Side Crash Front Seat – 5 Stars
  • Rollover – 4 Stars
  • Overall Score- 4 Stars

Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA's) New Car Assessment Program (www.SaferCar.gov).

Check out Safercar.gov to learn more.

How do I know if a smart electric drive is the car I’m destined to drive?

Most people from all walks of life, occupations, cities and astrological signs have loved driving the smart electric drive. We really do believe it’s a car that can fit most lifestyles. But a few things you may want to consider are: lifestyle, miles commuting per day and whether you can have a dedicated charger. We’ve always thought of smart being the perfect city car, and with 122 MPGe in the city, plus the ability to park just about anywhere, we think the electric drive more than lives up to that title.

Can any of the parts of a smart be recycled?

Heck yes! Every smart is 85% recyclable and the body panels are 100% recyclable. The smart electric drive already had a tiny carbon footprint since it doesn’t use gas, but with all its recyclable parts, it’s even better for our good friend mother nature.

Can the smart alert pedestrians to its presence?

We’re extremely proud to say, enthusiastically, “YES!” Every smart is equipped with a smart sound generator that effectively alerts pedestrians to your presence. While electric vehicles are not required to have such a system, we are 100% committed to turning the road into a safer place for drivers and pedestrians alike.

How do I recharge the battery, and how long does it take for a full charge?

You should download PlugShare. It's a cool EV charging station map for your smart phone. PlugShare is an independent company we really dig, and it operates like a mix between Google Maps and Yelp. You can see charging stations by your location, and it lets users add charging stations and review stations. Also, your fantastic new smart electric drive comes with a membership to ChargePoint, one of the largest networks of independently owned charging stations in the country. So you'll always know where and how to give your battery all the juice it could ever want.

What about a 'fast charge' option like they have in Europe?

We're bummed, but we don't have a fast charge option right now. But we're confident that overnight charging with the 120-volt system or the faster charge with the 240-volt system will meet the needs of most drivers. Don't fret, America still rules.

Can I plug into any wall outlet at my house?

When you get your smart electric drive, we include a 120-volt adapter that can plug into any standard 120-volt wall outlet. That being said, we definitely recommend you use a dedicated 120-volt GCFI outlet. And even after saying all that, we 100% recommend speaking to a licensed electrician to discuss the suitability of your chosen outlet.

Can I still charge with a standard household outlet?

You don't have to use a charging station, but it's faster. Now, don't panic, but here's some science: charging stations output 240-volt, as opposed to the 120-volt found in most households. So the smart will charge quite a bit faster with a charging station, whether it's a public one or you can easily get installed at your home. See? Science is fun.

How much does a home charging system cost for the smart electric drive?

If you’re asking us - and you are - we highly recommend the Keba 240-volt home charging system. You can learn more about their great product and its affordable pricing by checking out pluginnow.com/smart. Tell them we say hi!

I've decided I want a 240-volt system installed. Who can provide this?

Great choice. We really respect that you know exactly what you want. For a 240-volt system, you need simply contact our supplier Bosch at 1-855-466-1114 or visit their great Internet site www.pluginnow.com/smart-charging-faq. They’re good people, we promise.

Where can I find public charging stations?

PlugShare. It's a cool EV charging station map for your smart phone. PlugShare is an independent company we really dig, and it operates like a mix between Google Maps and Yelp. You can see charging stations by your location, and it lets users add charging stations and review stations. Also, your fantastic new smart electric drive comes with a membership to ChargePoint, one of the largest networks of independently owned charging stations in the country. So you'll always know where and how to give your battery all the juice it could ever want.

Do I need to get a permit to install a charger?

Some municipalities, which is a fancy word for “places,” do require a permit. However, if that’s the case, the company that installs the charger will get all those permits for you.

Can the smart electric drive be charged at any public station?

We use the J1772 connector on the smart electric drive, which is the industry standard used by all the big automakers. Any new charging stations will work with our connector, and only some of the remaining old stations may require a different connector. But truth be told, you should be a-ok.

Regenerative braking? Huh?

Hold on to your science seats. When the car is coasting and when the driver first touches the brake pedal, the electric motor acts as a generator. This slows the car and pumps electric power back into the battery. Only when the driver pushes harder on the brake pedal do the conventional brakes come into action. Basically, the momentum of the car is converted into extra electrical power during coasting and braking. This actually extends the car's range by converting energy that's normally wasted during braking. It sounds like magic, but our engineers assure us it's just brainiac stuff.

Does the smart electric drive use regenerative braking to help recharge the battery?

Abso-positively. (AKA, yes.) Each time you apply the brakes, the electric motor is instantly converted into a generator. The motor will slow the vehicle and produce electricity at the same time, so your charge goes further without wasting energy. As an additional option, you can set the level of regenerative braking by simply using the steering wheel’s shift paddles.

Is there a smartphone application to monitor state of charge?

You betcha. Every smart electric drive comes loaded with the smart vehicle homepage. You can see exactly how much charge you electric drive has or do cool stuff like mark where you parked. So not only will you be fully informed of your electric drive’s operations, you’ll look awesome while doing it.

What's the warranty on the smart electric drive battery?

You'll be completely and supremely thrilled to learn that there's a 4-year warranty, and it's
included in the warranty of the vehicle. But if you're a free spirit and just want to rent the
battery, we have a nifty rental program called Battery Assurance PlusSM. It's uber affordable,
you're guaranteed great battery capacity and we'll give your battery an annual maintenance
check-up. That's three great features plus a great car, so if you're counting that's really
four great things!

Does the battery have to be run-down to zero periodically to keep it up to snuff?

Nope. The electric drive has a lithium-ion battery and doesn't require this. Really specific
problem solved!

Why did smart choose a lithium-ion battery?

You deserve state of the art technology, and that's what a lithium-ion battery provides. Want 4
ridiculously awesome additional reasons? Ok, cool: it's relatively lightweight, quick charging,
boasts a long service life and can be recycled easily.

How will previously used batteries be recycled?

We’ve developed a partnership to make sure every lithium-ion battery is properly recycled. We like to joke and have fun and fly kites, but we are super duper serious about our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Like, really, really serious.

How long will the battery last?

There are many different factors that can affect your battery life, but rest assured our batteries are made to last and last and last. Plus, with our Battery Assurance ProgramSM, you can simply lease the battery and you have it covered for 10 years. This covers annual maintenance of your battery. And on the very off chance that something does go wrong, we replace your battery with no charge to you.

How long will the battery stay charged if the vehicle is left unplugged?

Under normal conditions - you know, sunny, 70 degrees, light breeze, birds chirping – you’ll lose a very minimal amount of power. However, lots of different factors like outside temperature (very hot or very cold), battery age and the original charge state can affect just how much battery drain occurs. Basically, we recommend to plug it in when you can.

How does cold weather affect the performance and battery life?

The short answer is: cold weather can affect your electric drive’s range. Most lithium-ion batteries are affected by cold temperatures, and it may take longer to charge your smart in extreme cold. Super hot temperatures can also affect your smart’s battery. Additionally, anytime you run the heat or A/C, you’re using the battery more. So if we may be so bold as to offer some advice: whenever possible, keep your smart stored inside in a temperate climate so that things stay nice and charged.

How can I sign up to get more information about the smart electric drive?

Through the wonders of the glorious internet, you can sign up for more information by clicking here. And by even more wonderful e-magic, you can pre-register for your smart electric drive by clicking here.

Is there a roadside assistance program?

There sure is, and it’s great. Our roadside assistance program covers the fantastically fun smart electric drive. For all the amazing details, call 1-800-smartusa.

How can I test drive a smart electric drive?

Click on this link right here and we will transport you to the “Find Your Smart” page, who will then transport you into a cool all-new smart electric drive.

What kind of maintenance is required?

On average, electric vehicles cost less to service than gas-powered vehicles since you won’t need things like oil changes. Plus, with our Battery Assurance ProgramSM, which allows you to lease the battery separately, and annual maintenance being covered, it will cost even less. But while we’re on the subject, it’s a great idea to give your battery an annual check-up to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape.

What kind of charging station is recommended for the electric drive?

There are two types of charging stations. Both can be mounted on a wall or pillar.

  • Bosch Keba Basic EL-51207 – Price $1,322
    • Charging capability only. Able to fully charge the smart electric drive in 6-7 hours.
    • Recommended for at-home charging.
  • Bosch Keba Connected EL-51208 – Price $1,628
    • Provides diagnostic capability in addition to charging (LAN Connection required).

Both the Keba Basic and Keba Connected can be used indoors or outdoors, and require an
input of 208-240-volt, single phase, and a 40A dedicated circuit. Both come with a 2-year

Does smart have a preferred provider for charging stations and installations?

You bet we do. We have a nifty agreement with Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. They
provide installation, service and ongoing customer support for all charging stations. Visit
the Bosch Automotive Service Solutions website for more details:
http://www.pluginnow.com/smart-charging-faq. Tell them smart sent you. They’ll know what
that means.

still got a question?

For general inquiries about smart electric drive,
call 1-800-smart-USA (1-800-762-7887)
Mon-Fri 8am-10pm (EST)

For Battery Assurance PlusSM inquiries,
call 1-866-700-9853

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