DIY tips for inside, outside, and under the hood.

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Model Year 2016 & Newer

Learn how to operate and maintain your smart fortwo with these helpful videos.


Shift & Adjust Driving Modes (1:08)

Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, you can drive more efficiently by selecting different driving modes (E for efficiency and comfort, or S for sporty, dynamic driving).

Heat Your Seats (0:19)

Learn how to activate your seat heaters during those cold, winter months.

Use Automatic Lock (0:16)


The automatic locking function can be easily activated to ensure that the doors are locked as soon as you begin to drive.

Operate The Audio System (0:53)

From presetting your radio, to plugging in with the aux or USB port, to pairing your phone via Bluetooth, there?s many ways to rock out in your smart.

Install & Remove Your Subwoofer (0:14)

Your smart comes equipped with a JBL subwoofer behind the driver?s seat. Learn how to remove it for extra space and put it back for extra bass.

Personalize Your Settings (0:43)

The smart computer system lets you adjust your display, view your average speed and fuel economy, and check your coolant temp or service messages. You can also adjust the time, language, or ambient lighting.

Use the Cross Connect App (2:13)

Learn how to use the free Cross Connect app within your vehicle to stream music, view your vehicle data, find parking spaces, and more.


Remove The Hood (0:43)

To add windshield washer fluid or check the engine coolant, remove the front service hood using your key.

engine & parts

Access The Tire Mobility Kit (0:25)

Your smart fortwo comes with a TireFit kit, which includes a sealant and compressor if you?re ever in need of tire repair. It?s located in a storage compartment under the passenger seat foot area.

Check Your Engine (0:36)

The smart fortwo?s turbocharged engine is located in the rear. Learn how to remove the engine compartment cover to change the oil or perform other engine maintenance.

Model Year 2008- 2015

The PDFs below provide step-by-step instructions for maintaining your smart fortwo.