en route the new
smart fortwo.

All vehicles shown are European models.

The urban original.

The new smart fortwo is slated to arrive in the U.S. next fall. We know, we know — we can barely stand the wait either. But look at it this way: we’re just giving you enough time to perfect the itinerary for your next road trip. Or at least your shopping list.
Here are some of our favorite new features.

safety with Mercedes-Benz

The new tridion safety cell has a higher proportion of ultra-high strength, hot-formed steels and maximum-strength, multiphase steel. Peace of mind has never been so easy to achieve.

slick shifting

smart now offers five-speed manual transmission or the optional twinamic six-speed dual clutch transmission so all your transitions can go smoothly.

charged up

The state-of-the-art three-cylinder rear engine and brand new turbocharger mean a power increase to 88 hp. It also means 100 lb-ft. of torque, giving you a bigger charge than ever before.

a perfect circle

The new smart fortwo has the smallest turning circle of any car. Short overhangs, a high steering angle and minimal length mean it can easily make a U-turn between curbs that are just 22.8 feet apart.

make it big

The latest smart features a new chassis with a track that’s 4 inches wider than the previous model, enhancing stability while retaining the shape that allows for smart’s unparalleled agility.

And there’s more…