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Let’s talk nimbleness. You know, the fun factor. Picture a loop-de-loop rollercoaster level of fun. It’s so exciting to get behind the wheel that you’ll be looking for more reasons to drive.

The 2015 pure coupe starting at $13,270 MSRP.[1]

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save on gas. spend on fun.

The all-new smart electric drive lets you ditch the pump. Which means you can enjoy more stuff that gets you pumped. Like space camp. Ukelele lessons. And...chocolate baths?

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shift into the fun.

smart is engineered to give you an adrenaline rush. Changing gears is exhilarating. The clutch-less, manual 5-speed transmission — called smartshift® — is easy and simple to operate. It’s both a manual and automatic depending on your mood. Oh. Did we mention the smart car gets 38 HWY MPG?[2]

smart car features with smartshift 5-speed transmission blue smart car convertible

check out that view.

They say on a clear day you can see for miles. Nowhere is this more apparent than when you’re sitting inside a smart. The windows are huge and give passengers a 360° view. It’s safer and a lot more practical. And, it’s a great way to view the world as you zip around town.

smart car steering wheel gearshift

tap. and. go.

The steering wheel gearshift lets your fingers have fun, too. These shift paddles on the steering wheel allow you to change gears Formula One-style for an added driving rush. If your fingers get tired, you can shift normally as well.

blue smart car trunk size 12 cubic feet

stuff it.

Think your stuff won’t fit? Think again. The trunk is quite roomy – 12 cubic feet to be precise. There’s space for suitcases, golf clubs, even a golden retriever. And, if you need to haul oversized items, the passenger seat folds flat.

smart car parking space sketch

small car. big space.

Many people think that just because it’s small, there’s no room inside. They’re pleasantly surprised. Tall drivers feel right at home. (6’ 4”? No problem.) smart’s compact shape makes it easy to squeeze into parking spaces bigger cars can‘t.

smart be nimble. smart be quick.

It’s not just a compact speed demon to get you from here to there. smart’s fun factor is off the charts. But don’t take our word for it. See what our owners have to say.

owner´s picture

hitchin’ a ride.

Allin & Debbie own two 100 lb. Airdale Terriers, whom they pack into the back of their smart and shock and amuse people when they’re revealed.

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