Built for the city. Perfect for escaping it.

the all-new 2017 smart fortwo cabrio

With a car like this, the possibilities are endless.

Wherever you live is just the beginning. The smart fortwo cabrio is the perfect car for exploring your city (and beyond). Just remember: no roof, no limits.

Beach-bound In Miami

passion cabrio

Open for anything.

If Miami is your city…[1]

then you already love the sun, and the passion cabrio lets it all in. With a convertible roof that's fully operational at any speed, there's no need to put it in park.

Load up and cruise to the secluded beach at Key Biscayne just south of the city, or head to Wynwood, the world's largest open-air gallery, where street artists like Eduardo Kobra show their skills. With the top down, it's a sight to behold.

Passion cabrio
Starting at $18,900
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Going green in New York

prime cabrio

As the temp goes up, the top goes down.

It all happens with the push of a button.

Despite the cool leather of the prime cabrio, nothing feels better than old-school wind in your hair. Especially as you escape the concrete jungle on a trip to Cold Spring, where you'll find some of the best hiking trails in the northeast.

For further inspiration, you can explore the surrounding area where farmers are pioneering sustainable techniques, and supplying the region with delicious, locally-sourced ingredients.

Prime cabrio
Starting at $19,900
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San Francisco To Carmel

proxy cabrio

Sometimes you simply need to adjust your view.

Drop the top in just 12 seconds...

as you take the Pacific Coast Highway from SF to Carmel, enjoying the proxy cabrio's JBL sound system. Once there, you'll see the annual migration of thousands of monarch butterflies, one of the most unique migrations in the world.

Then extend your trip at the Mushroom Dome Cabin, a geodesic living space and one of California's most popular rentals. With a smart fortwo cabrio, unique experiences are only a short trip away.

Proxy cabrio
Starting at $20,900
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Miami - Passion
New York - Prime
Carmel - Proxy

Hop in for a 360 virtual test drive.

The all-new cabrio. For wherever life takes you.

Ready to take the next step?

  • [1] Source: http://www.smart-magazine.com/en/

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